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Bosch Electric Wall Scanner

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Digital multi-scanner provides detection of multiple materials, including wood, metal and live wiring. Ideal tool for construction, electricians, contractors, carpenters, masons, plumbers and others who need reliable detection. Provides versatility and consistent performance.

  • Wall scanner
  • Illuminated graphical LCD display indicates mode, detection strength, and more
  • Deep metal detection capability detects steel up to 4.75-inch (120 mm) deep in cured concrete
  • Automatic center finder for locating center of detected wood or metal object
  • 3 selection modes (wood, metal, AC wiring) with automatic calibration for easy and precise detection
  • Audible detection signal, with on/off button
  • Ergonomic soft-grip for secure grip and comfort
  • Illuminated ring indicates detection status

Model: GMS120

In-Package Dimensions: 6.6 Inch x 2.9 Inch x 10.0 Inch

In-Package Weight: 1.25 Pound

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